About MOReTENS AB Sweden

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MOReTENS AB is considered one of the leading European manufacturers of woodworking machinery, known for build quality and innovative design. They have been designing and manufacturing their unique range of woodworking machinery for over 30 years. They have produced two of the best machines we have ever seen, the PH260 Four sided Moulder / Planer and the MF30 Multi angle spindle moulder, both unique in the woodworking market. These machines overcome common machine problems, reduce prep time significantly and giving many more options than any other manufacturers offer. Now they have released the PH360 Four / Five sided Moulder /Planer, the big brother of the PH260, with an additional fifth multi angle moulding cutter, another unique introduction to the market.

CNC In the last five years MOReTENS have designed and built a complete range of CNC routers. These CNC routers can be completely customised to meet the customers exact requirements offering from three to six axis designs with supporting software. For the first time offering affordable CNC technology to small and medium sized companies.

Moretens Factory Moretens production line