H410 Planer Thicknesser

The H410 is the best Planner/Thicknesser we have seen for the price, and because it is not necessary to lift the tables to change between planning and thicknessing, it will maintain accuracy and reduce processing time. The fine finish will also save hours of work on a sander.

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  • Fine adjustment to 10 microns.

  • In feed table quick adjustment 0 - 8mm

  • 2 motors - Planer 3kw. Feeder Unit 0.18kw

  • 2 blade cutter (with option of 4)

  • In feed rollers - grooved steel

  • Out feed rollers - smooth rubber

  • Tilting fence 0 - 45'

  • 1 dust extraction outlet

H410 Planer/Thicknesser
'This planer is superb value. The standard of finish, capacities, and components used in the construction are to industrial standards'
Andy King - Good Woodworking


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