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The CNC5003 is a new generation of CNC router, designed to fit in most workshops from the small joinery to large industrial company.The machine is specially designed for wood, sheet materials, plastic and aluminum.The machine has been designed for ease of operation and maintenance. Built to an exacting standard to allow easy customization to suit all requirements.

CNC5005 CNC router


■ Industrial quality, built to your requirments
■ Can be customized
■ The machine can be equippedfor several different operations
■ Can be accessed from 3 sides
■ Industrial control system, non-PC based
■ Digital servos with high resolution for higherefficiency and less vibration
■ Interface for PC andCAMsoftware.Server built-in controller
■ Removable control panel on wheels
■ Bridge Construction for better stability
■ Double-operation (2 servo motors) of the bridge givesmaximum efficiency
■ Combined vacuum-screen table for both discsand solid wood. Can be used in 4 ways:

-Rubber sealing strips, can be placed in grooves to match size and shape of the workpiece.
-MDF boarding can be used to mount irregularshapes.
-Vacuum pads can be used directly on the vacuumtable
-Vacuum pads can be used on a plain table, withindividual vacuum pipes

■ Large choice of accessories
■ Can be equipped with integrated materialhandling(Picking robot)