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MOReTENs Woodworking Machinery and CNC machinery ranges are designed and manufactured in Sweden to the highest of standards. MOReTENs has been designing and manufacturing woodworking machinery for over 30 years.

Woodworking Machinery

At current the range of woodworking machines covers:- Planer thicknessers, Planer thicknessers with side moulders, thicknesser moulders, Extraction systems, table saws, a unique tilting Spindle moulder (multi angle spindle moulder), Four Sided Planer moulders and now Four/Five Sided Planner moulders. You can View our range of Woodworking machinery by clicking here.

CNC Machinery

The CNC machinery range now offered by MOReTENs covers CNC Routers from 3 axis machines up to 6 axis machines to view the rang of CNC Machines click here.

We distribute these machines throughout England, Wales and Scotland via stockists and we offer good quality at a good price. Our range is designed for production work and prototype manufacturing for small to medium sized businesses.

Moretens Woodworking machinery range Our Range of woodworking machines
Four sided moulder planers Both our four sided moulders
multi angle tilting spindle moulder The MF30 multi angle spindle in standard positon and over head
Moretens CNC machinery range Our Range of CNC routers